lunedì 25 settembre 2017

Usefulness of the pacifier clip

I don't know about you, but I think the pacifier clip is a great invention. Without it our pacifier would be on the floor every two minutes. Now Alessio is able to grab objects and one of his favorites is the pacifier: he grabs it and turns it until he manages to put it in his mouth in the right way all by himself! Sometimes he succedes, sometimes it slips off his hand and it would fall to the floor but for the pacifier clip. Or he forgets he already has the pacifier in his hand and tries to grab another toy suddenly releasing the pacifier. So the pacifier clip is a must have for us!

And if it's coordinated with the outfit it's even better!

It's important that the clip to attach it to clothes is robust but also that it doesn't damage the fabric: that's why for the pacifier clips I make, I use a metal clip with plastic inserts, robust but delicate on garments.

Another important feature is that the pacifier clips should not be made with felt: babies try to put everything in their mouth, pacifier clip included (I lost count of how many times I found Alessio biting the pacifier clip instead of the pacifier!) and with felt there's the risk it fades and the color would all go in the baby's mouth...

Moreover felt doesn't resist well to washing and it pills, while cotton, which I use in my pacifier clips, can be easily machine washed: practicality is fundamental with baby's clothes and accessories!

Finally, a thin ribbon can make it possible to attach the dummy clip to all types of pacifiers, from those with a built-in plastic ring to the MAM pacifiers: you only need to slip the ribbon into one of the pacifier holes, so easy!

If you're looking for a pacifier clip here you can find the dedicated session in my Etsy shop (link)

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