giovedì 9 novembre 2017

Drool bibs: why to choose jersey ones

Today I'm going to write about bibs for newborns: you know, with a baby in the house bibs are never enough! 

For my little boy I tried several types, some made by me and some received as presents for his birth. The ones I prefer (and that I decided to put also in the shop) are those made in double layer of cotton jersey. 

Jersey absorbs well and quickly, which is fundamental especially in the period when the babies sprout their first teeth! Moreover it's very soft, perfect for contact with the delicate skin of babies.
And don't forget the practical side for us moms: they can be thrown in the washing machine without worries, dry quickly and are perfect even without ironing. Victory on all fronts! 

That's why I decided to include in the shop several sets of two or three coordinated bibs, made in double layer of cotton jersey and decorated with small cotton appliques to make them even more cute. There's one for every taste: with flowers, stars, hearts, fishes and in several colors from the classical blue and pink to the gender neutral version in yellow, green, orange. 

Which is your favorite type of baby bibs? Let me know in comments!

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  1. Wow ma sono bellissimi questi teneri bavaglini!
    Complimenti :)
    Sono un ottimo regalo per una nuova nascita.


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