martedì 3 ottobre 2017

Versatility of the onesie for babies

In this post I'm addressing the future moms and those who are going to choose a present for a newborn baby, because moms surely already know which is the most versatile garment of a baby's wardrobe: the onesie.

I admit that before becoming a mom I underestimated it, I only thought at overalls, rompers, skirts and dresses maybe with some frill or flounce.

But the onesie is really useful in all seasons: in winter a short sleeve onesie is perfect under rompers and pajamas, to keep well warm the baby. In the long sleeve version it can be worn exposed, instead of the t-shirts that never stay in place and rick to expose the baby's belly!

In autumn and spring it's perfect under an overall or a pair of trousers, maybe adding a light sweater in the cooler days.

Finally in summer it can be used together with a pair of light and comfortable shorts, better if in jersey cotton. Or in the hottest days, like several days of the summer just over, it can be the complete outfit of the baby, leaving him a bit more fresh and able to move and kick at ease.

If you have a baby in the way or you know a mom-to-be and would like to give her a small but useful present, take a look at the "Onesie" section of my shop (link) and let my creations inspire you!

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