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How to choose the right garment to welcome a newborn baby

Looking for a present for a new mom and you're considering buying a garment for the newborn? Here are some advices to choose the right one!
  • avoid size 0-1 month: it's a size that is used for a very short time, actually some big newborns don't even wear it because it's already too small when they come into the world. And usually a mom has already bought some garments in this size before the baby birth, so the risk is that your present will never be used! Better choosing a bigger size, from 1-3 months up to 9-12 months
  • consider the season when it will be used: for example if you go for the size 6-9 months and the baby is born in January, choose summer garments! I know it can sound obvious, but you've no idea how many moms I heard complaining for clothes they received that are for the wrong season and will never be used: heavy rompers in size 6-9 months for babies born in winter or light summer dresses in size 3-6 months for babies born in autumn... The fact is that in shops we are usually attracted by the latest collection, that is usually right for the current season, and we don't think when the clothes we are buying will be actually used by the new mom and her baby! This is the reason why in my shop you can always find clothes for every season: from the light garments perfect for summer to the long rompers perfect for the cold months. Moreover for all the t-shirts and onesies in the shop you can choose between the long sleeve and the short sleeve version

  • pay attention to materials: even if they are used for a short time, clothes for babies are going to be washed a huge lot of times! That's why it's essential that they are made with great quality materials and are machine-washable. For example I suggest to avoid felt decorations: they are beautiful but felt doesn't resist well to washing, it pills and tends to loose it shape. That's why I decided to replace felt in my pacifier clips with cotton jersey, that is machine-washable and resistant
  • keep an eye to practicality: for the first months it's better to choose garments that open on the front, since newborns don't love to have clothes put over their heads. For the next months also, flaps or buttons on shoulders can make the garments easier to wear. Elastic waist, better if adjustable with eyelets, is a must for pants and shorts

  • ...and if you're still hesitant about the size, choose a different present like a set of bibs, maybe with a coordinated pacifier clip: you won't have the problem of the size and you can be sure that your present will be really appreciated and used a lot, with a newborn in the house bibs are never enough! In my shop you can find coordinated bib sets in several colors and prints: take a look here (link)
Do you have more suggestions for choosing the right garment to welcome a newborn baby? Share them in comments!

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